[Techtalk] Re: Can't umount floppy (2nd post)

Berenice showercurtain2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 17 22:33:41 EST 2003

First: My apologies for the double-posting.  I hit the return key
after filling in the subject line, and next thing I knew, the
techtalk digest I wanted to reply to had been sent.  So please ignore

> You can check this for sure with (as root)
> # lsof | grep floppy
>lsof lists all open files.

Suppose I want to close those files instead of turning off the
computer to umount the floppy.  How do I do that?

>I sometimes get the "can't unmount - device is busy" message when I
>try to umount my floppy. I didn't know what to do when this happened
>the other day, so I ejected the disk and discovered today I'd lost
>everything on it.  Luckily I have a copy of the files on the hard

The strange thing is, the next day I mounted a floppy in order to
copy some documents to it.  I did "ls" to see if the disk was blank
and I got a message that nautilus was searching my trash directory to
restore the files I thought I'd lost the day before.  So I got the
files back on floppy (read-only though), but why only now?  I did
mount/umount and ls a few times after I found my floppy files were
gone.  How come nautilus didn't do anything then?

cheers - and thanks :)

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