[Techtalk] Considering an OS change

Jennifer Davis davi0302 at algonquinc.on.ca
Thu Apr 17 12:44:09 EST 2003

As much as I like ^H^H^H^H love Slackware, I find that I have less time to
manage it and was thinking of running an easier OS for my router pc and
maybe the desktop and also to see Linux done differently.  I was pondering
Redhat 9 or Mandrake 9.1.  I guess I was wondering if there were things
that I should know beforehand that will make a switchover easier.  I have
always been iffy on using Mandrake as a server.  Are my feelings

I have 3 users inside the network and about 10 remotely and I plan to use
the router to do masquerading, webserving, mail database, remote shell &

Jennifer S. Davis
Computer Programming, 1st year
Algonquin College
davi0302 at algonauinc.on.ca

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