[Techtalk] Networking question: Linking two public subnets via a pair of virtual interfaces.

Mary mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org
Thu Apr 17 11:40:25 EST 2003

Just an update, since I've only spawned a subthread not an answer. :(

On Wed, Apr 16, 2003, Mary wrote:
> The router has two virtual interfaces: eth0 and eth0:0. eth0 is
> (on the external) and its gateway is eth0:0 is
> (on the internal).

OK, my short term solution is SNAT (source network address translation -
its just like masquerading except it is designed for an 'always up'
address with a static IP, which you normally don't get on dialup).  This
works, but is vaguely undesirable because shouldn't have to
be disguised as before it can communicate with the other
subnet. is a routable address!

It seems that once I can get a router with two physical interfaces (ie
have its on eth0 and on eth1) the kernel will
consent to do proper routing without network address translation.


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