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Conor Daly conor.daly at oceanfree.net
Wed Apr 9 10:40:18 EST 2003

On Tue, Apr 08, 2003 at 08:06:21PM +0100 or so it is rumoured hereabouts, 
iriXx thought:
> Conor Daly wrote:
> > 
> > You just plug in the USB device and it gets recognised.  The USB caddy
> > should be seen as a storage device (modprobe usb-storage) at /dev/sda
> > (this will be different if you have other scsi stuff on the system).  You
> > should find your mdk partitions where you'd normally expect them except
> > under /dev/sda instead of /dev/hda
> ahhh thanks heaps conor, thats brilliant.
> hmm yeah i have an all-scsi system so this might get a little confusing. 
> is it likely to put it somewhere else then?... or can i specify any of 
> this in fstab?

It should show up under one of the other /dev/sd? devices.  Do

fdisk -l

which _should_ show you all partitions on all drives.  There'll be a clue
in there somewhere.  Also have a look around /proc/bus/usb and see if you
find anything in there...

Conor (who only got his usb flash disk working on Saturday)
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