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hi rudy

thanks so much for your advice, whoops, had no idea it was so complex!!!
i think what i'll do for now is run from a live CD... might put mandrake 
back on when im feeling a little more confident ;-) but the live cd 
seems to be the simplest way to go. most of them seem to create folders 
where you can install stuff (at least SuSE live does) so i could put 
those on the usb drive. thanks again!


Rudy L. Zijlstra wrote:
> iriXx wrote:
>> hmm yes now theres a question - is it possible to boot linux off usb ? 
>> then i'd be able to run 2x 20Gb OS'es... paradise!
>> m~
> I am not aware of BIOSes that support booting from USB. You would need 
> that to directly boot from USB.
> So a different approach might be usefull ;-)
> I see 3 possibiities:
> -1-
> Use pm to create a small linux partition for boot purposes.
> use a kernel together with a ramdisk (initrd) and initialize the kernel 
> from ramdisk.
> You need full USB initialisation before you can go for USB. Then remap 
> you root to /dev/sd? and there you go.
> -2-
> Create a bootable CDROM (as above) that supports you USB disk. This way 
> no modification to the installed bork system is needed.
> -3-
> Try loadlin. I have doubts about the combination of XP and loadlin 
> though....
> Cheers,
> Rudy

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