[Techtalk] something is changing /home permissions automatically?

Mandi mandi at linuxchick.org
Tue Apr 1 23:50:42 EST 2003

quick guess....

check msec.  it runs out of cron.daily and cron.hourly.

with msec, it runs in levels.  check /etc/sysconfig/msec for the level 
setting SECURE_LEVEL (2 may be what you want, possibly 1).

You can also run "msec <level>" from a command line.

more info here:  http://www.mandrakeuser.org/docs/mdoc/ref/prog-msec.html


On Mon, 31 Mar 2003, Jenny Brown wrote:

> I'm working on a Mandrake box where I'm one of two sysadmins, it's a low
> usage box, and I'm finding that something is forcing /home to be
> chmod 711 every few hours.  I can set a person's home directory
> readable (755) but then a few hours later it's set back, and not due to
> that individual user or due to the other admin.
> There are no crons listed in root's crontab.  /home is an ext3
> partition, if it matters.  It's not being mounted from a remote machine.
> Active things on the system that might potentially mess with it
> include automount, samba mount (mount.smbfs), and nfsd.  The box is
> running mainly as a web development platform, apache, tomcat, php, java.
> I have so far been unable to track down what's changing permissions on
> me and it's awfully hard to do a web search when "changing permissions
> /home chmod" results in all kinds of beginner tutorials.
> Help?  I'm getting really lost as to where to look next.  Thanks.
> Jenny Brown
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