[Techtalk] Re: [Grrltalk] fairness in the workplace...

Walt pippin at freeshell.org
Sat Nov 30 18:07:44 EST 2002

Marcia Barrett Nice wrote:

>Would it necessarily?  Is it possible that the new hire would prefer the 1pm
>slot for lunch because she (for example) needs to pick her kids up from
>school and drop them with the sitter?

In this situation, no kids are involved and it's
not a matter of leaving the building, or taking
care of a time-sensitive responsibility, that I
know of.

>   We don't even know if someone asked the
>gentleman and he answered to the effect that he didn't really care one way or
>the other, at which point it would also be probable that the new hire would
>get the lunch slot.

We do know he has been working this schedule
for a number of years and was pretty upset that
his superiors "suggested" that he change.

Those who have stated that I do not know all the
facts are correct. However, my source assured
me that extenuating circumstances were not
made known to the individuals that made the
decision, It was a matter of her changing her

In addition, this is standard operating procedure
at this particular government facility. (i.e., sex
and/or race achieve preference over seniority.)

I'm sorry if this question came across as trolling.
I appreciate you all taking the time to respond.



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