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Michelle Murrain tech at murrain.net
Sat Nov 30 16:31:13 EST 2002

I've been writing web-based database stuff for a while - but it's all 
been in the "small" scale of databases - in the small hundreds of 
records or less.

Well, one particular installation is getting bigger, and the way that 
I've written the application, it's getting very unwieldy for them to 
deal with the output of tables, and they don't want to see anything 
more than 1 month old. They want to delete this stuff, but I shudder 
to think of that.

So, I'm thinking of 3 different strategies for archiving:

1) Take the old stuff out of the database and stick it in a delimited 
text file so they can get it later, if they want.
2) Take the old stuff and toss it in an "archive" table within the 
same database
3) leave it in the table, and provide an easier front-end to choose 
the range of data they look at, and perhaps choose a default or 

I'm leaning toward either 1 or 3, I might actually implement both. 
But any suggestions in terms of performance as well as overall db 
design for people who've done this sort of thing would be helpful.


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