[Techtalk] configure deb's vga16fb framebuffer

Hamster hamster at hamsternet.org
Thu Nov 28 21:38:02 EST 2002


Thanks for your reply.

> I used this chart:
> http://en.tldp.org/HOWTO/Framebuffer-HOWTO-5.html#ss5.3
>    ...and found the entire howto pretty useful.
> It's not a bad idea to read up on fbset a little bit.

Using those modes and vga=0x??? doesnt seem to work with vga16fb. 
>From the doco I've read, those modes are for use with the vesafb device.
This is the device that MDK includes in their kernel, and its working fine on
my MDK machine. 

However the deb kernel uses the vga16fb which doesnt accept those modes or at
least that syntax at all. An attempt to do so just returns in'invalid mode'
from lilo. Docs in the kernel source indicate (without stating outright) that
the vga16fb device needs parameters passed to it via an append=video=???? 

I did want to recompile my deb kernel and just switch from the vga16fb device
to the vesafb one, but my attempt to do that last night opened a whole can of
new worms.

So I was hoping to be able to configure the vga16fb device. But I have no met
with much success so far.

Thanks again


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