[Techtalk] tune Linux for battery life?

Annalee Newitz brainsploitation at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 25 11:00:21 EST 2002

Hi chix. I need help tuning Linux to make my laptop
battery live longer. My Vaio used to run WinME
(bleah), and when it did that my extra-big battery
lasted about 6 hours. Now that I've upgraded to Linux,
it runs for about 2 hours. Ack! There must be some
tricks for getting my battery to run longer. 

I'm running RedHat 7.3, with the 2.4.18-5 kernel, and
the Vaio laptop is a 505. It's got a Pentium III chip.

Any ideas or pointers? 


Annalee Newitz
tech * pop * sex
415.487.2559 - cell: 415.378.4498

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