[Techtalk] Unusually high loads w/sendmail

Dave North dave at timocharis.com
Fri Nov 22 20:38:15 EST 2002

> Machine config:  Dual PIII, 600 MHz, gig of ram, raid 5.  Install Red Hat
> 7.2 with sendmail, qpopper, OpenWebMail

Was OWM running on the old bsd server? It's a fairly heavyweight perl
script, if I recall, and if enough instances get going, it can really bog
stuff down. I saw a similar "transition fault" from someone I know who
runs a fairly loaded server, but not as heavily as yours.

> My question:  would Debian serve me better or any other thoughts?

If the problem isn't OWM, I'd guess no. I like Debian and run it mostly,
but RedHat does a good job and their default kernel is pretty nice. Both
RedHat's and Debian's are a bit flabby for a server, and I'm kind of
assuming you rebuilt...?
	The only advantage to Deb on the server is automagically handling
security updates. After that it's a question of taste.
	Hope you track this one down easy...


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