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Julie txjulie at austin.rr.com
Wed Nov 20 09:29:59 EST 2002

Jenn Vesperman wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-11-20 at 19:44, Arashi wrote:
> > Perhaps we could just drill
> > a hole in the ceiling and run the ethernet cable diagonally across
> > the house?  Does anyone know if possums find cables delicious?
> Yes, you can do that. If you're concerned about possums eating cabling,
> run it through some sort of conduit. Pipe conduit is available at any
> hardware store.

It might also be worthwhile to run the conduit all the way from
the attic down to where it comes out the wall, and then finish
the conduit into a proper box.  I didn't do that when I wired
my house (bad Julie, no biscuit ...) and am starting to regret
that I can't fish coax for cable.  If I could find a good
video-card-to-streaming-video program I'd just run the video over
the house LAN, but I can't find one of those either.

In my =next= house there will be 3/4" conduit.  And a cable
drop in the utility room.  And the firewall will go in there
instead of the master bedroom where I trip over it.

Live and learn.

> > As if that weren't enough, my uni says Red Hat is compulsory for my
> > course next year - we can't use any other distro.  Would it be better
> > to install RH first, then set up the network?  And if I decide to
> > have a dual boot computer (Win/Linux, or maybe Linux/FreeBSD), which
> > OS handles the networking bits?
> If you intend to connect to anywhere with both OSes, both OSes need to
> have networking. The OS that isn't running at any given time .. uh ..
> isn't running. So it can't do anything for the other OS.

VMware.  This is why God invented virtual machines ;-)
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