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Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Tue Nov 19 01:14:14 EST 2002

Telsa, Beth, & All

	I have had the GUI...Mandrake, Update and URPMI problem since ver8.0
and this is Ver 8.2 A diferent (new) HD and a clean install.  
	plain old RPM has worked I,M,MInstall has worked better.
	I saw one the answer to this question last year, long before I was
ready to do anything in the CL. It involved changing/commenting out one
line in ??.  Naturally I do not remember. In many situation fixing this
would save a lot of headaches and frustration.
	I use updatedb often when changing things.

	When using "rpm --rebuilddb" Is it best done  from "/" or where?  In
the Mac the desktop DB was everything and rebuilding it fixed a lot of
quirks. "Zapping" the pram (parameter ram, similiar to clearing cmos)
also fixed many things. I tell people those two commands get all their
ducks in a row...lines everything up... puts things in order.... Now I
don't know about OSX.

	What are equalivent Linux commands? Are updatedb and rebuilddb



On Mon, 18 Nov 2002 17:37:27 +0000
Telsa Gwynne <hobbit at aloss.ukuu.org.uk> wrote:

> On Sat, Nov 16, 2002 at 08:46:55PM -0500 or thereabouts, Andrew wrote:
> > "package already installed": I get this on every package I ever
> > tried to install/update using urpmi and Mandrake-update, every time,
> > every attempt. It is wrong but I have yet to find out how to fix it.
> > I have
> I don't know Mandrake, but this sounds extremely odd. Every single
> one? 
> I think I would be inclined to suspect the rpm database. Have you
> used --force or --nodeps on anything? 
> I am sure there is a way to check the integrity of the rpm database
> (rpmdb), but my mind has gone blank on that.
> > There is no substitute for experience. In this case it is your
> > experience. Now partially mine. 
> Vicarious experience of problems is always the best kind :) 
> Telsa
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