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On Sun, Nov 17, 2002 at 11:06:56AM +0000 or so it is rumoured hereabouts, 
Maria Blackmore thought:
> hi
> On 17 Nov 2002, arashi wrote:
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> nice diagram, btw, it's a shame the quoting mashed it up
> > We're trying to figure out ways to use ethernet without the cables
> > getting in the way of closing the bedroom doors.
> Doors usually have a gap at the bottom
In many incarnations of upstairs bedrooms the walls are built _on top_ of
the floor so there are often gaps under them also.  You may be able to
nudge the cable under the skirting board and run it entirely along the
_back_ wall of your rooms.  Getting past the bath could be a problem here.
Of course, I'm talking of my experience here in Ireland, pretty much as
far as you can get from either Japan or Australia (which one is it?).

> If there is a carpet, you can probably run the cable underneath it at the
> edge, if it's too bulky you can buy CAT 5 cable that only has two pairs,
> and so is thinner.  

I was going to suggest running more than one cable, especailly if you go
to some engineering trouble.  It'll save buying an extra hub/switch later.

> Failing this, I would be very tempted to run it along the outside of the
> house, if this is possible, either along the wall if you aren't against
> another house, or if you are on or near the top floor you can run it over
> the roof

Am I missing something here?  I would have thought that UTP (that's
*unshielded*) cable running over the roof would be just *asking* for a
lightening strike!  At the same time, if you have access to the attic
space above your rooms, a small hole in the corner of each ceiling (do you
like tall potted ferns?) with the cable trailing down could itself be
quite discreet.  It's also easily repaired later with just a little
plaster filler.
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