[Techtalk] Networking options

arashi arashi at nb.xdsl.ne.jp
Sun Nov 17 20:43:20 EST 2002

My sister and I are planning to network our computers (just 2 for now -
hers uses Windows ME, mine uses Mandrake) so that we can share an Optus
cable internet connection and a printer.  The problem is that we'll be
using our computers in our bedrooms, which are on opposite ends of her
house. It looks something like this:

front ============================================back of house 
      | Sister's | ensuite | Spare   |  My Room |  GARDEN
      | Room       bath    |  Room   |          |       	 
      |          |         |         |          |      
     =======   	===============	  =======   =====
      |			HALL WAY                |

We're trying to figure out ways to use ethernet without the cables
getting in the way of closing the bedroom doors. We also need to keep
the cables out of the dog's way - she'll put them out if she decides she
doesn't like them trailing across the floor.  Can anyone suggest ways to
hide the cables?  Or should we consider wireless or phoneline networking

Many Thanks

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