[Techtalk] Anyone using VNC under Mac OS?

Christina Zeeh lists at tuxtina.de
Sun Nov 17 02:30:15 EST 2002


> Are you using VNC under any Mac OS?

I use it on Mac OS X.

> Which VNC server do you use? How about client?

For viewers, I regularly use VNCViewer and VNCThing. I have yet to 
notice a real difference between the two that would make me choose one 
of over the other.

I haven't used a server for a while, I can't remember which one it was 
the last time. http://www.redstonesoftware.com/osxvnc/ looks promising 
though, judging from my experiences with their client (VNCViewer), I'd 
give it a try ...

> How do the Mac versions stack up against the Linux and Windows
> versions? That is, are any big features lacking?

I did not notice any significant features missing, the only noticable 
difference was the user interface ...


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