Kudzu (was Re: [Techtalk] Error installing the driver of my 10/100MB Ethernet card)

Caitlyn M. Martin cmartin at rateintegration.com
Fri Nov 8 11:50:10 EST 2002

On Fri, 2002-11-08 at 07:32, Rebecca J. Walter wrote:
> I would like to know something about this thingie called "kudzu".  To
> me, kudzu is an evil groundcover that is taking over parts of the United
> States and causing serious environmental damage.  I think it was
> originally supposed to be good food for cattle but it ran rampant.
> So when I hear "kudzu" and something to do with computers... I imagine
> something like Microsoft Windows... It tries to take over your computer
> and eradicate what belongs there.  Also, once it is there, it is almost
> impossible to get rid of.
> So what is kudzu really and I am the only person who gets this sort of
> image from the name?

kudzu is a Red Hat hardware detection program.  When you install and at
each subsequent boot it probes your hardware.  If it finds any changes
it asks you about installing and/or removing drivers and configuring
them for you.  It makes hardware changes that used to be moderately
painful very easy under Red Hat Linux.

For example, in the bad old days, if your video card went south and you
replaced it with a different model you'd have to boot into a
non-graphical mode and reconfigure X.  Nowadays it's all done for you. 
Hopefully it does it correctly.

All the best,

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