[Techtalk] [Fwd: problems unmounting nfs on shutdown]

/dev/null dev_null at iriXx.org
Fri Nov 8 12:00:23 EST 2002

thanks heaps conor...
hey no probs! yeah i know these impossible keyboard things! im bad 
enough when i end up with mine set in american by mistake.
i did wonder for a moment whether it might be the stale entries thing 
again and if i should try running your script... but i hadnt mounted 
anything on the network yet...
thanx heaps

> have a look in /etc/mtab (where actually _mounted_ stuff is recorded).  If
> there are entries there, the kernel will attempt to umount them.
> Conor.
> PS. apologies for the terseness of the post.  Still getting used to the
> new dvorak keyboard and trying to spell everything right!

"While UNIX says ``I'm sorry you can't do that'', MacOS has exactly two 
error messages. It either goes ``eep?'' or the setup box is simply not 
there until 12 other unidentified items have been installed and three 
apparently unrelated dialog boxes have been completed. "

- Alan Cox

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