[Techtalk] Error installing the driver of my 10/100MB Ethernet card

Caitlyn M. Martin cmartin at rateintegration.com
Thu Nov 7 20:28:02 EST 2002

On Thu, 2002-11-07 at 18:46, Samer Yhya wrote:
> Hi again,
> I don’t understand why nobody gave a reaction to my
> question. Is this the wrong mailing list for this sort
> of questions? Is it impossible to answer? Do you need
> more information? Should I buy another network card?

I can't speak for anyone else, but I didn't answer because I have
absolutely no experience with that particular network card.  You're on
the right mailing list but it is distinctly possible that nobody here
has an answer for you.  I have never even heard of that brand of network
card, personally.

The cards I have used (Linksys, Netgear, 3Com, Xircom, Intel, SMC,
Hawking Tech, etc...) all are recognized by Linux without any special

Usually assume no response means a collective "I don't know" from the
people who have had time to read the list lately.  I have had questions
here that nobody could answer. 

Should you buy another network card?  I don't know.  I stick with major
brands and check to insure Linux compatibility before buying any

Good luck!

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