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Thu Nov 7 02:14:28 EST 2002

this is *very* interesting... i have been trying to help my ISP debug 
some similiar stuff recently...
would either of you mind if i forwarded this to them?.... they're a nice 
quiet little one-man gnu/linux based isp in somerset, uk...
also does anyone have any similiar transcripts from netscape or mozilla? 
(which i have found similiarly problematic because of its overuse of the 
QUIT command...)


Meredydd Luff wrote:
> That's officially Ximian's fault - I was looking up the RFC the other day, 
> and a POP server only *needs* to support the message retrieval and deletion 
> commands, and though it's not unreasonable to require it to support USER and 
> PASS authentication methods, your server is behaving completely within spec 
> there, and Evolution is behaving very antisocially. BAD client!
> Beats me how to get it to behave, though... :-(
> Meredydd
> On Thursday 07 November 2002 00:21, k.clair wrote:
>>I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who has a lot of experience
>>with POP and pop clients. We're using the pop server ipop3d,
>>and there are some linux
>>mail clients that aren't able to authenticate properly with it.  The
>>current client in question is Ximian Evolution (whoops, sorry, I'm not
>>sure about the version of Evolution, but it is probably the most recent
>>stable release... if it matters very much I can find out).
>>The following is a transcript of the dialogue between an Evolution and
>>the pop server.
>>thanks in advance for any suggestions,
>>- +OK POP3 pop1.serve.com
>>- v2001.80 server ready
>>- CAPA
>>- -ERR Invalid command, try
>>one - of: USER name, PASS string, APOP name digest, QUIT
>>- USER testing3
>>- +OK User name accepted,
>>- password please
>>- QUIT
>>- +OK Sayonara
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