[Techtalk] evolution and ipop3d

k.clair kclair at karl.serve.com
Wed Nov 6 20:21:22 EST 2002


I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who has a lot of experience
with POP and pop clients. We're using the pop server ipop3d, 
and there are some linux
mail clients that aren't able to authenticate properly with it.  The
current client in question is Ximian Evolution (whoops, sorry, I'm not
sure about the version of Evolution, but it is probably the most recent
stable release... if it matters very much I can find out).

The following is a transcript of the dialogue between an Evolution and
the pop server.  

thanks in advance for any suggestions,

- +OK POP3 pop1.serve.com 
- v2001.80 server ready
- -ERR Invalid command, try one 
- of: USER name, PASS string, APOP name digest, QUIT
- USER testing3
- +OK User name accepted, 
- password please
- +OK Sayonara

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