[Techtalk] HELP:mounting from floppy and save file into floppy

Meredydd Luff meredydd at everybuddy.com
Wed Nov 6 22:17:40 EST 2002

On Wednesday 06 November 2002 21:07, Caitlyn M. Martin wrote:
> Putting mount points (really just directories) for removable devices
> under /mnt is standard for all UNIX flavors and Linux.  While you can do
> what Alvin suggests I'd stick with standards until you understand how
> things are done and why.  Besides, if you run into other systems most
> likely they'll stick to standards.

Really? Last time I remember using it, Solaris used /cdrom and /floppy for 
those devices, and /export for NFS mounts... Slackware, for example, also 
uses /cdrom as a mount point, although I'm willing to believe that's a small 
idiosyncrasy ;-)



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