[Techtalk] Cups Web administration acting weird...

E. Sterling Wall sterling at sumgai.co.uk
Wed Nov 6 16:51:44 EST 2002

I have a problem with this one server where the Cups Web administration
doesn't work, and I don't know WHY. It's driving me batty. 

If I got to server.domain:631 I can see all the menu pages and things,
but when I click "start printer" it says I'm not authorized. Normally,
and on all other servers I have running, clicking "start server" brings
up a dialog to put in login and password at that point. Only this one
server doesn't ask for a login and locks me out without any option.

So, that doesn't work and I try a different route...  Webmin, right? I
get to the printer management stuff on Webmin, click "start printer" and
Webmin claims that the printer is now started, but guess what? It isn't.
It still won't print and a quick poke into a console window to see lpq
shows that the printer is stopped. WHY??!!!  Grrrr...

Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks...

-- sterling

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