[Techtalk] Mozilla_1.2b

Telsa Gwynne hobbit at aloss.ukuu.org.uk
Mon Nov 4 10:22:53 EST 2002

On Sun, Nov 03, 2002 at 04:19:56PM -0500 or thereabouts, Andrew wrote:
> 	I like Moz, its fast. There is one problem. After a hour, two 
> or 4, the screen redraw, while moving its windows or others over 
> it's windows, freezes. The images it makes are really cool, the 
> edge of windows repeat themselves over and over all over the screen. 
> This forves a logout of X and back in which cures the problem till 
> the next time. It happens mostly when I am in a hurry, moving things 
> around quickly. 
> 	Where do I look to fix this? Is it a Moz bug? or is xinerama
> conflicting or is my 56mhz monitor refresh time, a cause
> 	1.01, 1.1, did the same, but more often. 

I also have Mozilla-1.2b (it helps to put that in the body of
the message as well as the subject :)) and have not seen this

What you describe sounds like an X hang. Applications should
not cause X to hang (or crash), but X should definitely not
hang or crash, whatever the applications within it do.

So I would blame X; and I would assume that something in the
new Mozilla is triggering the X bug.

I have seen the effect you mean, I think: it's as if the
windows leave a trail behind them. 

I know nothing about Xinerama. Getting enough information to
trouble-shoot X can be a pain. The XFree86 site says "don't
report bugs unless your X installation is less than six months
old". If your X is older than that, then either you will need
to upgrade it and see whether it's fixed; or you will need to 
report it to your distribution, who will presumably support it 
if they shipped it :) 


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