[Techtalk] editorial comments in config files

Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Sun Nov 3 16:43:08 EST 2002

Hello Good People,	
	For many years Apple was noted for their programers inserting comments
you could read by pressing certain combinations of keys in some OS
control windows . I do not remember anything insinuating the user was
less than worthy. Well somebody probably wrote this program for their
own gratifacation and I guess the message is part of of that. If the
price we pay for almost free software is a bit of condescention I can
live with it. I used a free Photoshop filter for many years called
sucking fish, never sure if it had some deeper meaning.

	How do you get the spell checker going in KDE/ Aspell comes to mind? I
need it badly, it is one of the few things left to customise. 

On Sun, 3 Nov 2002 10:40:15 -0800
Carla Schroder <carla at bratgrrl.com> wrote:

> I was poking through my own autostart files, look what KDE's says:
> Comment=Autorun - the CD-ROM mounter for the lazy user
> Comment[da]=Autorun - CD-montering for den dovne bruger
> Comment[de]=Autorun - der CD-ROM Mounter für den trägen Benutzer
> Comment[es]=Autorun - el montador de CD-ROM para el usuario holgazán
> Comment[fr]=Autorun - le monteur de CD-ROM pour les paresseux
> Comment[is]=Autorun - Geisladrifstengill fyrir lata notandann
> Comment[it]=Autorun - il CD-ROM mounter per gli utenti più pigri!
> Comment[ja]=オートラン---怠けè€
> ウンター Comment[ko]=Autorun - 게으른 사용자를 위한
> CD-ROM 마운트 프로그램 Comment[no]=Autorun - CD-montering for
> den late bruker Comment[pt]=Autorun - ferramenta para montar CD-ROMS
> para o utilizador preguiço
> Now really!
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