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Tabatha Persad tabatha3 at attbi.com
Fri Nov 1 15:25:06 EST 2002

Hey everybody,

I noticed this newly published HOWTO today over at the LDP, so I thought
I would pass it on.  


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> From: Greg Ferguson <gferg at hoop.timonium.sgi.com>
> To: announce at en.tldp.org
> Subject: updates (Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO)
> Date: 01 Nov 2002 09:57:09 -0500
> HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux
> Val Henson
> v1.1, 2002-10-29
>     This article explains some of the difficulties and biases women
>     face in the Linux community and examines various strategies for
>     addressing those difficulties in order to encourage more
>     participation by women.
>   * NEW entry
>   http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/
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> for more info look at http://tldp.org/ 
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