[Techtalk] portable code :-)

Linda Laubenheimer ljl at rahul.net
Thu Jan 31 22:42:09 EST 2002

Kathryn Hogg wrote:
> After programming in C++ for 14 years, I'm just wrapping up
> porting our code (1.3 million lines) to standard C++.  I didn't do all the
> work, I just made sure that people did things smartly.  Our code runs on
> Linux with gcc, HPUX with aCC, Digital Unix (cxx), Solaris (Sun CC), AIX
> (Visual Age compiler), and windoze (msvc++) so I'm a little persnickity
> about writing portable code and working around variances in different
> compilers.

Consider yourself hugged, thanked, and worshipped!  As a sysadmin, I 
*love* portable applications that compile in multiple environments.
They make my life *much* easier!

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