[Techtalk] simple reference book on Linux

Ms. Piglet listpig at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 31 02:00:04 EST 2002

For someone who is trying to get their first handle on Linux, but has
experience with Windows, there's a book called Linux for Windows Addicts
that I'd definitely recommend:  it's *very* basic, but still goes on to some
configuration stuff, post-installation. (Very basic: "What is a kernel?
What's a shell?")

What makes it wonderful, IMO, is that it starts from what you know, and when
it's introducing a new concept it tells you up front "this is like doing
..... in Windows" or "this is different, this is not a process you'll have
met in Windows".

It's organized in two parts: first one is "OK, you know Windows, so why even
bother with Linux?", the second part assumes you're doing it and goes from
installation to configuration, basic kernel compiling, networking, basic web
server, email, office software, etc.

Was not my first Linux book, but it was the first one that didn't make me
feel like I was just barely swimming, one nostril above water

(Michael Joseph Miller; Osborne/McGraw Hill 2001)

(consider standard "no affiliation" disclaimer inserted here.....)

Megan "Piglet" Zurawicz
listpig at earthlink.net
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