[Techtalk] Slow networking connection

coldfire rolick571 at duq.edu
Wed Jan 30 13:04:04 EST 2002

> Does the ftp session get established (as in you can xfer files) or does it
> just take ages and ages to get authenticated?
> If it's the latter it is usually something to do with forward or reverse
> DNS lookups, and the ftp server requiring a forward or reverse lookup
> before authenticating a login.

if it was waiting for dns lookups to complete, it would affect all
services .. not just ftp.  you should probably do this anyhow .. on each
computer, add the other computer's ip address and a hostname to /etc/hosts	localhost
<ip>		<hostname>

that'll speed up establishing connections.  as for ftp .. is it the
transfer speeds specifically that are taking a while?


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