[Techtalk] Slow networking connection

Davis, Jennifer JDavis at JUSTICE.GC.CA
Wed Jan 30 11:21:00 EST 2002


	This is a wierd question, and therefore my terminology may be off.
It seems that there is a problem connecting my two main pcs via ethernet.
Both are running Slackware 8.  The router PC has a 10/100 PCI2000 and the
Desktop PC has a Linksys Tulip 10/100 card.  The hub is a 10Mbps hub.  It
seems to only be an issue with ftp.  When I telnet between them, it's fine.
I can browse the web fine with the desktop.  (The router machine is my
gateway).  For some reason when I try to ftp between them, it is slow.  It
seems that nothing is going to the router from the desktop.  It's at the
point now where I ftp to my laptop and then from my laptop to my router or
vice versa.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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