[Techtalk] Old Computers....

KLitman323 at aol.com KLitman323 at aol.com
Sat Jan 26 18:36:29 EST 2002

 > Now, this machine was old when I did this, but now it is ancient :)
 > Nevertheless, it is a working computer, so I can't just throw it out.
 > (I have trouble getting rid of broken ones, though I'm pretty much
 > clueless with hardware). Do you also have oldies like that at home,
 > and do you use them for anything?

You can donate them to schools, or donate them to people who could use a 
computer but can't afford one.  That's how I received each one of the three I 
learned on.

My first computers were the earlier ones from Radio Shack/Tandy (in the US).  
I passed those along to people who primarily did word processing, or for 
children to learn basic computer skills.

My first gift was an IBM P/S-2 with ony 2 MB ram, and a very small hard 
drive.  It couldn't cruise the web, but I did get e-mail with it.  I was so 
reluctant to use it, to even set it up to LEARN.  Well, that one gift took me 
on a path that I'm still learning about.

I later passed that along to someone else, to teach childen educational games 
on it.

I was then given a 486 with 15 MB ram, and a small hard drive.  That one was 
given to the person who gifted me with my current computer.  I understand he 
made a UNIX box from it...and this long before I knew what that was all about.

This computer supposedly will be replaced soon.  I've been hearing since July 
that my Pentium II with an 8 gig drive, and 64 MB of memory "needs" 
replacement.  The same computer builder who gifted me with it, plans on 
finding something "better" for me, though I don't yet see a need for it.

One of the staff of Simegen.com is trying to build a useable computer from 
assorted parts she has lying around.  To contribute to that, I gave her the 
perfectly functional 14.4. external modem from the P/S-2.

Each year Simegen.com encourages their active listserve participants to 
donate old computer equipment to those who can't afford it.  To pass on their 
"old" so it becomes someone's "new."  I know that without such generosity, 
I'd STILL be without a computer.

I know some local areas in the US have special drop off days at their 
recycling or environmental centers for old, useless computers and parts.  
Here's some URL's that are related to recycling old computers.  Have fun 
investigating.  I'm sure there are more than just these....



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