[Techtalk] Trouble finding hard drive

jen jstander at candlesforgirls.com
Sat Jan 26 17:17:20 EST 2002

Hello, I'm new to the list!  Anyways, I have my harddrive partitioned for 
windows and linux (suse), and it's worked fine so far.  Lately however, I 
my computer can't find it's hard disk 24 out of 25 times during booting.  Has
anyone else had this problem?  Could it be the fault of having it partitioned 

Also, if I do have to have one operating system I would keep the suse.  
Unfortunately, I use a lot of microsoft products for school (we have to 
develop with visual studio).  Can I run this off of wine?  Has anyone on the 
list had experience with that?

Okay, enough with the questions.



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