[Techtalk] Two Totally off-the wall Questions

James james at james-web.net
Fri Jan 25 23:29:57 EST 2002

I do this actually.

In fact, this email is going through a P90, with 96megs of RAM and a
540meg HD (461 for ext2).

I run Debian on it.  I just did the absolute minimal install (No
packages selected in the install).  I then just apt-getted the basics
(ssh, exim was autoinstalled, pop3 server, bind).  Run with plenty of
room.  I've had ~1200 emails sitting on the server waiting for me at

Granted I'm a little tight on space at ~52 meg.  But I can always add a
HD and mount it as /var/spool/mail.  And I actually just cleaned up my
/usr/src and now have 112 meg free.  It is doable :)

I think I'm going to take another one like this and put it on my
production network as a snort sniffer.

- James

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> Hi.  Keith here in the Depths of the Great Bergen Swamp
> A couple of questions:
> 1 - If I want to set up an old PC as just a Linux Email box, 
> what do I need for hard drive space?  I have a couple of old 
> Pentiums here, a 75 MHz with 24 MB RAM and a 540 MB HD and a 
> 233 MHz with 64 MB RAM and a 1.6 GB HD.  I am sure that the 
> larger, faster one will hack it, but how about the old/slow box?
> 2 - I have inherited an old IBM Thinkpad 350 from one of my brothers. 
> It's a 486-33/12MB RAM/850MB HD.  Is there any chance of 
> being able to run any sort of tiny Linux installation on that machine?
> 73, Wm. Keith Hibbert, WB2VUO, Trustee of the NQ2RP/B 10 M 
> beacon President, Brockport Amateur Radio Klub (BARK), 
> Technical Coordinator, ARRL WNY Section Ph - 585.494.1239 
mailto:wb2vuo at arrl.net
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