[Techtalk] IMP Folders not *happening*

safari at cat.org.au safari at cat.org.au
Fri Jan 25 22:02:58 EST 2002

hello, I've been a lurker for a while and have greatly appreciated
gleaning helpful hints from the list. Now a question: I'm with a volunteer
tech collective and we run IMP v2.2.6. The only folder option is
inbox... we're unable to create, rename or delete any folders.

when attempting to create following error message is given.

b>Error</b>: the new folder was not created 

http://www.horde.org/faq/admin/trouble/index.php#t25 gives a possible

5.3.4 In IMP, users can't use any folders besides INBOX.

The most common problem that results in users being
unable to access their mail folders is a misconfigured 


in horde/imp/config/defaults.php3. That variable should be set to the
location of a user's personal folders, often "mail/" or "Mail/".
It must have the trailing slash.


The above explanation is not the prob. This file is fine. Anyone have
anything else I can try? Thanks and kind regards, safari

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