[Techtalk] Rebooting problem.

Mary E. Mulderrig mulderig at speakeasy.org
Thu Jan 24 12:13:40 EST 2002

Hi Leslie:

The easiest way to check the power supply is to swap it out to a different
machine and see if that replicates the problem on the new machine. If you do
not have a second box to try this on then you can do the following:

Do the obvious first - make sure the power cord is good - try a different
Make sure the switch on the back of the computer didn't get changed
accidentally to 220v. It should be 115v  (if in the U.S.). Make sure your
machine is off before adjusting this if necessary.
Check that the power connector to the motherboard is properly seated.
Make sure the motherboard surface is not intermittently coming in contact
with the metal case, except at mounting points. Try powering with the
motherboard (and the power supply) out of the case on a non conductive
surface like a wooden table.

As always - when working with power supplies and electricity be careful  :-)

All the best,


P.S. how powerful is your power supply - if not a 300Watt maybe you should
upgrade if non of the above helps.

leslie at freakybutt.net wrote:

> Yea I'm sure it's not a Heat issue. In the CMOS there is a section that
> lists the temp. On average I THINK it lists 35C/95F the warning temp isnt
> even till like 158F. How would I check if its a faulty power supply?
> - Leslie

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