[Techtalk] Laptop recommendations?

Ms. Piglet listpig at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 24 02:35:58 EST 2002

I would put serious money that they're Winmodems.....Toshiba seems to drive
their stuff on the Thinkpad model (similar design, IBM office software
rather than MS, etc.), and they certainly use Winmodems....

Hawking makes a nice PCMCIA combined modem/ethernet card that is expressly
designed to cheerfully work on Windows, Linux and Mac, all three....which is
what I ended up buying when I kicked the Toshiba into Linux.


On 1/24/02 1:23 AM,  <lothan at newsguy.com> shared this thought:

> The company I work for just invested in a bunch of IBM Thinkpads and
> they seem to be fairly decent. They've certainly been holding together
> fairly well with rugged use. I especially like the 'button' mouse
> sitting in the middle of the keyboard. They all run Windows 2000, but it
> looks like it should be a piece of cake to install Linux. These don't
> have modems, so I'm not sure if they come with yucky Winmodems or not.

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