[Techtalk] Enlightenment themes

Arathena Sprankle me at arathena.com
Sat Jan 19 17:29:02 EST 2002

I have a quick question about enlightenment themes.. 

I'm trying to modified the programs in a menu on one of the themes..
which involves modifying the actionclasses.cfg file. However, when I
modify that file, it reloads the original when I restart enlightenment.
So, I removed the .etheme file, so it would quit reloading that. (I
guess it checks to see if that is there, and reloads from it each time).
Now that I have removed the file, but the directory is still there, it
will not longer load the theme, because of no such file. 

Anyone have any idea how I can make it find the theme?

I have the theme in my own personal directory..
.enlightenment/themes/themedir/ instead of the standard for all users

Let me know if anyone has some input on this.. thanks!


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