[Techtalk] Networking - Kernel settings

Davis, Jennifer JDavis at JUSTICE.GC.CA
Thu Jan 17 12:29:59 EST 2002


	I was adding a sound card to my router computer and had to re-enable
my sound support in it.  (I wanted to use the router box to connect woth my
stereo)  I downloaded a new kernel, because I just can't leave anything
alone, I installed it.  Now, however I can't seem to connect my computers
inside the firewall to the router computer.  The router computer seems to
recognise the both cards for the router computer and the router computer is
on the internet okay.  It's at http://jenn.ca (It's only a web mail
thingee), and I can telnet into it, but nothing from the inside of the
network.  I can telnet between PCs on the inside of the network (laptop to
the desktop PC) do there aren't any problems there.

	The router computer is a P200 with 160MB ram, running Slackware 8.0,
kernel 2.2.20, a 3C509 card for the external connection and a NE2000 PCI for
the internal connection.  Does anyone have an suggestions where to look?

Thanks in advance


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