[Techtalk] Theory vs. practice

Julie jockgrrl at austin.rr.com
Tue Jan 15 22:32:16 EST 2002

"Glenda R. Snodgrass" wrote:
> > Oddly enough, a friend on IRC was lamenting the decline of maths
> > today. "How can you think you can program if you can't understand
> > mathematics?" sort of thing. Not being a programmer, I wouldn't
> > know. :)
> I think maybe this should go to Issues with my comments here, but this has
> been a sort of sore spot for me for a long time now (maybe I should name
> this post Glenda's Pet Peeves Part Three).
> I personally think one of the reasons so few women consider a career in
> computers is because of the (IMO) over-emphasis on high-level math being
> necessary to work in computers.  Now granted, to do high-level
> programming, algorithms and such, high-level math is required.  But there
> are many many many jobs in computers that require little or no math
> whatsoever.

I've had calculus through differential equations and I've
never had a need for that much math.  I learned more about
being a programmer from learning how to cook than from a
math class ('strooth).
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