[Techtalk] rxvt - was: Re: End key no longer goes to EOL

Tania M. Morell tmorell at myquadrant.net
Tue Jan 15 02:05:07 EST 2002

boy, yellow on black is about the most intolerable color schemes for on my
eyes.  my eyes get very stressed and cause headaches and bad migraines.
I'm normally in front of the screen about 15 hours a day most days 8 hours
on my days off.    I like black non-bright yellow or white on black.    At
work, i use white on deep ocean blue.   Actually, to help my eyes, I turn
the brightness & contrast waaaay down.


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> "Glenda R. Snodgrass" wrote:
> >
> > > short sight? He can't remember the references, but recalls
> > > reading that people with short sight generally benefitted from
> > > amber and brown colours; and people with long sight did better
> > > with lilacs and purples.
> >
> > I've never heard that theory before, but I can speak from my own
> > experience that I do -much- better with beige/amber/brown colors, and
> > extremely nearsighted.  My SO thinks my color schemes are pretty
> > <g> but the deep beige/sand/khaki background colors are soothing to my
> > eyes.  I'd be interested in any technical reason for that.
> I don't know if there are any technical reasons (I'm not into
> eyeball physiology), but supposedly yellow on black is one of
> the easiest colors on the eyeball.  White on black is =horrible=
> on my eyes.  I don't see how anyone can stare at that all day
> long.
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