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Secrets & Lies is more of a coffee table book than a course book. Better for background/supportive reading rather than lecture. Not sure if I made that clear last post...

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Heya --

Quoth jhamilto at n2h2.com (Mon, Jan 14, 2002 at 08:52:39AM -0800):
> Whether the course is theory or practical, I'd like to recommend a book. The book is theory, but it's really easy to read and kinda fun, actually. It's called Secrets and Lies, Digital Security in a Networked World by Bruce Schneier. It's pretty popular, so I'm sure many people have heard of it. It's recommended reading for a Security Course I'm taking at Univ. of Washington, and I'm really enjoying the book (and the course). 
	I'm a fan of Mr. Schneier's work in general; I'm currently
working my way through his "Applied Cryptography".  And some of the
systems analysis that he's done with the Honeynet Project is just
amazingly cool.  For anyone unfamiliar with the Honeynet Project, they
set systems up with incredible amounts of logging and reporting but
otherwise stock installs of the OS, and put them on the Internet.  Then
they watch and learn as the blackhats break into them.  You can read
more about their work at http://project.honeynet.org/ if interested.

	I haven't read "Secrets and Lies" yet.  I'll take a look at it.
Do others like the idea of using a book for the course, or would y'all
prefer some other approach?

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