[Techtalk] Theory vs. practice

Malcolm& rannirl-yhogroups at otherkin.net
Mon Jan 14 14:36:00 EST 2002

On Monday 14 January 2002 01:15 pm, jhamilto at n2h2.com wrote:

> >Yes, but programmers aren't being taught how to avoid these coding
> >errors, or what errors to avoid.

> Are you serious? That makes so much more sense. As a sysadmin, It's so
> frustrating to see buffer overflow problems occuring over and over again,
> when it seems like 'buffer overflow' lecture would be the first ones taught
> to a programmer.

I thought it was. (Well not the first thing, as hopefully they teach you
the basics in languages with bounds checking, but I thought it was for any
course involving a language where manual bounds checks are required).

But then I've seen some fairly scary things come out of some supposed
programming courses.

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