[Techtalk] C Programming course - we've got a mailing list!

Michelle Murrain tech at murrain.net
Sun Jan 13 18:22:41 EST 2002

OK, we seem to have reached critical mass. We're doing it!

A new list has been created, called:  courses

Subscribe here: http://www.linuxchix.org/mailman/listinfo/courses

Our first tasks will be to decide exactly how to proceed, choose a book, 
decide on pace, etc.

The following folks have gracefully volunteered to answer our C questions - 
wow - what a group!

coldfire <rolick571 at duq.edu>
Xp0nential Xp0nential <Xp0nential at root-core.com>
"Kathryn Hogg" <kjh at flyballdogs.com>
Akkana <akkana at shallowsky.com>
Dreaming Kat <dreamingkat at ivillage.com>
Laurel Fan <laurel at freeshell.org
Brenda Prigg <bprigg at fore.com>
Marcia Corrente <marciav_pt at yahoo.com>

(If there are people I missed here, sorry - make yourself known to me - the 
volume on the linuxchix lists has been hard to keep up with lately - I may 
have missed someone.)

Those of you that have volunteered to answer questions and such, if want to 
subscribe to the list, that would be cool. Otherwise, we'll just know to 
call on you when we need to. Thanks much to you all!!

Let's make sure to move all conversation about the C course to the 
"courses" list, too keep the (increasing) volume on the linuxchix lists 
down. So DON'T reply to this message and send conversation about this back 
to these lists! Thanks!

See you on the new list!


Michelle Murrain
tech at murrain.net
http://www.murrain.net/ for pgp public key

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