[Techtalk] Rave review for Horde

James james at james-web.net
Sun Jan 13 04:11:17 EST 2002

I've been looking at setting up a webemail suite for my users.

I installed the horde/imp out of Debian and was moderately satisfied.

However, I then wanted more and began reading more on the horde website
about Horde2.0, IMP3, turba, kronolith and etc.  So I figured, "what the
hey!" and downloaded them.  

Install was a perfect breeze.  Configuring was supersimple... just a
matter of editing some pretty well explained text files.

Words can't really explain how pleased I am.  I even pulled the latest
CVS, which remarkably as far as I can tell, is rather stable and

Finally I'm glad to say I found something that can be used as a complete
MS Outlook replacement in the webmail environment under PHP/MySQL.  

Plus it is intuitive, simple, easy to use and the IMP component includes
documentation for the end user that is a click away.

And to think they wanted to shell out tons of cash for Exchange, Outlook
Web Access and the rest.

I think I'm in love :)

- James

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