[Techtalk] Security course (was: Re: C programming "course")

Raven, corporate courtesan raven at oneeyedcrow.net
Fri Jan 11 12:59:51 EST 2002

Heya --

Quoth Julie (Thu, Jan 10, 2002 at 08:55:15PM -0600):
>>> I don't have the time right now, but would happily coordinate /help
>>> run one on networking or security in the future...
>> i would especially enjoy security 'discussion' ... but i would be more
>> than happy to offer what i know regarding c++ and/or the datastructures.
> :: perk ::
> Did someone mention .... security?

	Heh -- so I guess there's interest in that.  Okay -- give me a
few months, and my schedule should be cleared off some.  (Yah, yah,
famous last words.)  Starting in March would work for me.  How would
y'all want to structure this?  We could follow a book, we could pick a
topic a week and spin off a small mailing list to discuss it, I could
post starter fodder every week (a la "So here's how I'd offer anonymous
FTP as securely as I could; how would you set it up?  How do you think
it's vulnerable?") and we could run from there... any other ideas?

	In related news, Jesika and I will be submitting a paper to
DefCon this year on how to set up a relatively secure server when you're
a Linux newbie.  We were hoping to run a LinuxChix social afterwards,
with discussion of similar technical topics.  If DT accepts our talk,
we'll use the talk to plug the social, but the social will be happening
regardless of our talk getting accepted or not.  So if any of y'all are
going to be going to DefCon, you are certainly invited to attend and
help us organize, hand out fliers, contribute your security expertise,
herd cats, or just hang out.  If interested, please reply off-list to
Jesika (tx-kewtie at satx.rr.com) and me.


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