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Tania M. Morell tmorell at myquadrant.net
Thu Jan 10 01:23:08 EST 2002

well, if you are thinking of creating a NEW techtalk list; one that is
female only....  then how should I decide which list to post my questions
on?  Crossposting is frowned upon...  but I want to maximize the number of
people who see my questions.   I think having more than one techtalk will be
spreading things a bit thin.

What's the big deal, anyway?   I've looked at the archives and I see a
pretty even mix of male/female posts.  If a woman is going to feel
intimidated about posting on techtalk because there are a couple men there,
then they may as well stay home away from the rest of the world.  I can
understand feeling intimidated on a REAL male dominated list like slashdot
or others i'm a member of but techtalk? It's hare for me to beleive.

I think the real initimidation comes from not understanding the techy talk
and the level of questions and answers there and feeling like you might look
stupid by asking very newbie-type question.  A newbie, wet behine the
penguin ears list might be what is needed, if anything at all.


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> On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 08:49:22PM -0500, jfweber at bellsouth.net wrote:
> >
> > all..  ALso I'd not like to see my husband invited off the list. THis
> > has been a place he feels comfortable asking questions .
> All right, let's squash this RIGHT NOW.
> No one is suggesting that any of the current linuxchix lists become
> female-only.  The topic under discussion is the creation of an
> entirely NEW list which would be female-only.  By the way, as per
> Jenn's request, please continue this thread on issues at linuxchix.org.
> -VAL
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