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David Merrill david at lupercalia.net
Wed Jan 9 19:30:20 EST 2002

On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 11:54:21PM +1100, Jenn Vesperman wrote:
> I've come to some tentative decisions and conclusions about Techtalk.
> These ARE open to discussion - I'm going to make some changes, but
> they're experimental. I don't want to harm the community we have here,
> but I do want to improve it.
> Issues & facts I want to deal with:
> 1. There are people who are put off or intimidated by techtalk being
> apparently male-dominated.

I don't think the list is male-dominated, but there sure are a lot of

You will all do what you want to do, but I for one like linuxchix just
the way it is. I don't know where else I would go, for one thing, if I
weren't allowed here anymore.

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