[Techtalk] Re {SLUG]Not so Magic TVView

Raena Lea-Shannon raen7 at ihug.com.au
Mon Jan 7 19:45:30 EST 2002

I got it working with some help off another list. Here is the set up for
Linux in SuSE just in case it is of use. This is for Aust only re the
Tuner setting:

In YAST2 Config Hardware TV Card:

Select Askey/Typhoon/Anubis Magic TV Viewer CDH051/061 (BT878) Irq#

(The default seems to grab Dynalink Magic Tv not this model - trap no 1)

Then selects Tuner settings and choose:
LG-PAL-BG-TP18PsB110 (Ithink that is the exact number but I am reading
my notes so be sure). (Trap no 2 is that there is another Tuner for Pal
BG + FM and I thought that as it was a Tuner +FM that was it - wrong)

Then to save new config I found I had to re boot. This is counter
intuitive to Linux OS I thought you should not have to re boot but I
guess that iswhen you are configuring from a shell I do not know.

Finally if you have a high res screen i think it does not like it set to
18 bit colour and a res above 600x800 but it works on my old Hyundai
14Plus on a1024 x765 if you can put up with resolution error messages on
station changes.

Oh and lastly re sound. The jack thing is a bit hopeless I found it only
worked if I plugged my power speakers straight into the card sound out
put. It just means I have to swap when I want to listen to something
else. I am sure this can be re configed but this is enough for one day.

It is a great reception and good picture and goes full screen. 
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