[Techtalk] Re:Misc Mouse query

elena_bevell at netcourrier.com elena_bevell at netcourrier.com
Sun Jan 6 22:10:40 EST 2002

Suse has a GUI to configure the mouse and display.
As root, type "sax" at the command line.
(There's also a way to get to it from inside yast,
but I forget what it is.)

  Raena Lea-Shannon wrote:

>The other thing is the mouse in SuSE. With my RE 7.1 install the >mouse
>acted like a 3 button one and cut and paste from a console to >anywhere
>was a sinch but sadly SuSE mouse config didn't (so far as I could >see)
>offer this. Can anyone tell me how to either re-config my PS/2 mouse >to
>get the 3 Button simulation happening or alternatively explain a >method
>of copying and pasting from console to whatever.

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