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Raven Brooke rbrooke at maine.rr.com
Fri Jan 4 19:06:39 EST 2002

On Fri, 4 Jan 2002, Terri Oda wrote:

> I don't want to be too discouraging here, but I've found, unfortunately, 
> that sometimes you *have* to use what they suggest in order to get the 
> results they want for courses.  It's unfortunate, but I can understand 
> where they don't want the poor TAs having to support multi operating 
> systems and compilers, and the functions can vary quite a bit from platform 
> to platform even within a standardized language.  So before you take a leap 
> and switch over completely, do make sure it's okay.  I haven't had many 
> problems, partially because we were often asked to do assignments in Linux, 
> but I did have a couple of courses that wanted us to use specific compilers 
> and I had to either work in windows or go and test-run my code in the NT 
> labs at school.  (One of these courses was an assembler course -- we were 
> rather disgusted to discover that the syntax of the linux compilers we 
> found and the (free) microsoft one we were supposed to use were quite 
> different!)

If you are programming c++ using Visual Studio, I believe you will have no 
problem with KDevelop. I made the switch in my second year programming 
class, and had no difficulties whatsoever. I was even able to open/work on 
the programs in VS at school, then in KDevelop at home when working on 
collaborations with a group.

KDevelop also looks a lot like VS, with nicer sytax highlighting, and is a 
complete IDE.

It will even add the GPL in a header for you if you want  <g>


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